Pink Floyd: Definitive MSG 1977 (Sigma 192) 1977-07-02 FLAC

Pink Floyd
Definitive MSG 1977 (Sigma 192)  
Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA - July 2, 1977


1-1 Sheep
1-2 Pigs On The Wing Pt. 1
1-3 Dogs
1-4 Pigs On The Wing Pt. 2
1-5 Pigs (Three Different Ones)
2-1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-5
2-2 Welcome To The Machine
2-3 Have A Cigar
2-4 Wish You Were Here
2-5 Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 6-9
2-6 Money
2-7 Us And Them


One of the first Pink Floyd vinyl bootlegs I bought in the late 80’s was Caught In The Crossfire(Pharting Pharoah Records 13153), a double LP that feature three quarters of the bands performance at New York City’s famed Madison Square Gardens. The sound was very good, the performance was sublime and as I had previously done with Crackers, made a copy on cassette so I could listen in the car, at work and the likes. While the record featured about half of the Animals portion of the show, what was there became one of my most beloved shows in my small (back then) bootleg collection. The CD era brought titles like Caught In The Crossfire (Neutral Zone NZCD 89017) and New York 1977 (The Welfare Pig TWP-CD-203). Both were incomplete with only the second half, the Wish You Were Here set. Prog King (Sirene 099) featured the complete show in very good quality but for me the title never really clicked, it sounded, to my ears, dull and lifeless. Sigma would tackle the concert twice, Day Of The Animals (Sigma 77) was an upgrade to Prog King, and the best version of the tape was New York 1977 2nd Night (Sigma 125). The latter title was taken from a torrent posted on the excellent Yeeshkul site, boasting a direct transfer of the master cassettes. This new title from Sigma is merely the second edition of Sigma 125, minus the bonus replica mini tour program.

This recording was made by the prolific team of Bob Menke and Louis Falanga, two tapers who’s primary interest was recording the Grateful Dead, one must remember that in the 1970’s the Dead had not yet adopted their taper friendly stance and tapers had to smuggle their equipment into a venue. Bob Menke preferred quality and used a Sony TC-152 deck and Sony ECM microphones (either 250 or 270). Their recording of Pink Floyd’s second concert at Madison Square Garden is among the most vivid of the tour, and in my humble opinion, the best overall recording from 1977. Sure Paris, Oakland, and Boston are excellent recordings, but the Floyd’s performance in MSG is incredible, their playing is fierce and the atmosphere inside the Garden is electric, when you combine these factors, the equation is simple. First off this title, as well as Sigma 125, is sourced directly from the master cassettes, so the lineage is direct. Work was done to speed correct the second half of Shine On, Money and Us And Them as there batteries were dying, and the second source was used to fill the gaps in Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 6-9 and Us And Them. Lastly the folks at Sigma gently boosted the sounds levels on the Animals set slightly to better mirror the second Wish You Were Here set as the tapers moved up during the intermission. The results of this work provide an incredible aural experience, this recording sounds superb with a nice three dimension sound so vivid you feel like you are in the crowd, and as previously stated (a couple times) the performance is excellent as the Floyd were really hitting their stride during the latter portion of the tour.

In issue 40 of Brain Damage magazine Elliot Tayman gives a reader flashback of the build up to the MSG shows, the only performances the band would give during Roger Waters’ tenure in the band. In February 1977, a publicity stunt featuring a flatbed truck and live Animals were paraded up 6th Avenue to Central Park with the newly released Animals record serving as soundtrack. A couple weeks later WNEW-FM staged an event in the parks Sheep Meadow (now called Strawberry Fields) where priority mail order forms were handed out for the four MSG dates. Elliot states that most of the shows at the venue were handled mail order only, one would assume to avoid shenanigans of fans waiting in lines for box office tickets. Elliot scored tickets for three of the four shows and gives a nice play by play of his experience at the first concert, the music and visuals and overall vibe of the concerts. The two page article also featured a ticket stub, mail order coupon pictures as well as live band shots from the event, being a fan of the Caught In The Crossfire vinyl, it was nice to read a first hand account.

As Gerard tells during both his reviews for Prog King and Day Of The Animals, the summer of 1977 found marijuana being decriminalized in New York, and being so close to the Fourth of July holiday, the atmosphere inside the Garden sounds like a war zone, during the Animals set the amount of fireworks set off is incredible, surprisingly Roger holds his tongue, something he would not do over the next days performances. Full marks must go to the generous folks at Yeeshkull whose hard work is often the source for these Sigma titles. Their diligent effort to circulate the best and lowest generation copies of these Floyd artifacts free of charge, the way it should be. While they do not endorse anything other than free trading of material, the collectors market is certainly a benefactor of their laborious work.

Boa audição!

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Pink Floyd – Tokyo 1972 2nd Night (Sigma 161) FLAC

Live at Tokyo Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan 7th March 1972

Pink Floyd
Tokyo 1972 2nd Night (Sigma 161)

Disc 1
  [The Dark Side Of The Moon]
  1. Speak To Me
  2. Breathe
  3. On The Run
  4. Time
  5. Breathe (Reprise)
  6. The Great Gig In The Sky
  7. Money
  8. Us And Them
  9. Any Colour You Like
   10. Brain Damage
   11. Eclipse
  TOTAL TIME (46:49)

Disc 2
  1. One Of These Days
  2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  3. Echoes
  4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  TOTAL TIME (57:19)

Sigma Review:

Further Floyd’s first appearance sound source of astonishment !! impact will be one more installment emergency release this week !! after Hakone Aphrodite about half a year, March 1972, which became a visit to Japan for the second time Floyd 7 days Tokyo Gymnasium 2 days the eyes of the pattern is a new excavation sound source of the complete first appearance was full recording !!

This week became the simultaneous release “COMPLETE APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 160)” is the one time of the giga-class title the whole picture of Hakone Aphrodite in really 45 years to 50 years of interpretation in the full recording and super A-class sound quality. But no way inferior to it would be the appearance of this sound source. As this 72-year Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium second day of the recording, in the sound source was out from overseas label ZEUS “LIVE IN TOKYO 1972 (Zeus Z907001 / 2)” is only in 1999, for some reason other record up to this that source came out into the world is of a such a performance date of the air pocket that no. But this ZEUS source is transparent feeling that had been used on the board is a thing of the performance sound is totally Kabosoku, also component of the right channel becomes thin from the disk 2 that captures the second half of the show, sound output from the left side almost only the sound progresses, moreover collapse of the bass was the fire ant recording source for that stand out. And encore “sun Hymn” but it is the translation was also very painful drawback of the way to fade out to disk end, as listen to the side just above this was the only recording source, in this ZEUS panel = Recorder 1 is a translation only listen was not. But it also marks the end finally at the weekend. To overcome all the weaknesses in such a sound quality because, further Recorder 2 of “sun Hymn” the first time in the history of uncut complete recording of the first-ever appearance, that this work is in this day. Because repaint the sound source history at once !!

Actually, I recorded this, was the same person as the Hakone Aphrodite full version to be released simultaneously at the end of this week. This time, the second of treasured sound source that has been passed from the recording’s your identity along with the full sound of Hakone in this, recording equipment was also used me reveals that it is the same (※ = Densuke and cassette tape). I mean of course the this also Hakone full sound source, as well as recording in person is completely original master of the world’s first appearance for that was not issued into the world at all 44 years, but of the contents of inclusion was also amazing. That is,

There is a thick density feeling and sense of transparency to the performance sound from the beginning to the end, comfortable listening with a tough response. Also to high-frequency range it has been equipped with elongation and space property, yet sound crack is not also present one in all the scenes

Further improve the sound quality from the disk 2 that captures the second half of the show, the components of the right channel as the ZEUS panel also not thin, are equipped with excellent stability to the sound image to disk end

Uncut complete recording of the encore, “the sun Hymn”. This is the same day of the sound source first-ever appearance, the world premiere of the feat. In addition also recording continues around then, it is included until the state after the show

Like … like, it was a ZEUS board = more than lightly the Recorder 1 boasts a high-grade sound and content new excavation sound source of wonder was the only so far !!

And what this is, but I think that is appropriate better to tell that the new standard sound source of astonishment rather than another mere upper version of this day appeared, this work is that digital transfer to direct this large excavation treasured tape from the master it is, other than the modification of the pitch is what was pressed into without the addition of any of the hand. For the remaining tape preservation, although the recording on and off in the passages in the part in every performance end is pressed, superior sound quality of the fresh feeling perfect score after that all of the tune has been recorded is to will be noted, the performance of this day which could not have know only in the ZEUS panel = Recorder 1 to this more than anything discussed brand new point of view, interpretation and understanding Yukeru joy should have immeasurable. Also from so it is different recordings position the Recorder 1 with (※ and perhaps with the recording equipment used tapes) that, big also have changed a lot is the impression of the sound output from the sound that listen in the ZEUS board until this I would point. The biggest difference is is to improve the thickness and density feeling clarity of sound, it is going to listen to sound how each instrument is the sound of the organ and synthesizer become noticed in that has been recorded in a clear close sound . For example, when the “breath of life” begins playing sound from the inside of elasticity there is the low frequency range is I come oozing out at a high concentration, and the sound of the guitar from the organ in the ZEUS board compared both source is out in front, organ is the ringing sound that inconspicuous recessed. Course guitar in this recording is heard firm, but at the same organ further Rei at the same time

Since you arrived in Shii sound, probably the source of the ZEUS board is recorded at the venue left = Gilmore closer, this recording will be inferred that there has been a central slightly right to the recording machine (※ straight singing voice also from a more central is more of this work to have arrived).

Also “running around”, fluent but cracking sound in most of the scene in which the entire instrument is heard in the ZEUS board had occurred, it does not occur at all, such as such cracking sound in this recording, the music in the sound image with an outstanding sense of stability to you has the pleasure of Yukeru. “Time” is also the closeness and the thickness of the watch stiff sound at the beginning, also appeared in the appearance that stands out, vividness has significantly improved the sound from the first sound eyes, listless Kyokuso sounded more than one sound simultaneously proceeding and then we run through the ear while armed with richness between, organ, which has been in Kabosoku long distance in any ZUES album “scat of the void” will appear in the deep timbre close one by one note, also speaking voice also clearly go in SE appear for, will the sound of these each part is Uruwashiku stands out in the ear in order of magnitude of the upper sound flowing away is pegged. Vividly jumped in tough beyond comparison with Recorder 1 is the beginning register sound also “money”, motility of Massive bass range, which is led by the voice of the young Gilmore also its dense and heavy dismissed the ZEUS board sound you have. And out “Us-and-Them” is also orders of magnitude the power of sound and the sound of the organ well, it will blow away the ZEUS sound which has been flowing with no sound of the core is light instantly (※ go in the second half of the song organ solo is similar, this will also be seen that is significantly different from the impression received from the performance and tone). In attention to the point that deep delay it took to voice and guitar of Gilmour is heard more than ever, it should it can grab every single guitar sound credible response than ever. “The color of hope” is also to narrowing play high amount of heat of the guitar I think that I can experience the combined brand-new sound contrast with the dense performance sound in a tough back, “madman in the mind” is also in the sound close to the Recorder 1 or more it is sure to be deprived mind to arpeggio with the singing of the early guitar out. And a “wake up the way from the madness” of this day to the transition of the last synth sound that is led to the “madness eclipse” slide into slow down, the increasingly strong intellect of hand to listen to the development potential of a prototype version of the motif us to stimulation.

Of the show the second half stunning sound disc 2 is followed by the as it is, surprisingly, “Eugene, Watch out for the ax” to further improve the sound quality from the beginning. In the ZEUS board faded component of the right channel from the disk 2, but had become sound image spree left the flame to localization, in this recording with a foot in the dense and transparent vintage sound is firm ground from the left and right channels has become, it the advantage and high quality in terms of sound quality can be further strongly feel. It is immediately experience can be of a “blow, wind, Yobeyo storm” in, that ZEUS sound was hard very listen bass is one by one crack, in this recording I represent the first time in the history of its appearance as the original no damage fastball sound performance . Although There is a scene no sound retracted the sound of suddenly sequencer from trouble (※ production?) Of the or near the 2 minutes and 57 seconds on the day of the PA system in the performance of the day (※ the second half of 6 minutes and 11 seconds near and demodulated by), and to stand out the depth and three-dimensional feeling of flying is the sound of the sound of other instruments to progress in the cheers and rhythm-less that occur in even stadium this about 3 minutes or more ZEUS board, between the sound further deeply read you. “Eugene” is, but has expired at the beginning is slightly in order, which has been a tape of the reverse point that you use, vividness and clarity of the sound than the sound of up to here or for recording the position has changed slightly in the operation, and closeness and the spread of performance sound more than anything will be greatly improved. Has increased medium to low range of the sound collecting degree further by this happy effect, in addition to drum and bass movement is given as able to track a high-resolution sound further, because Roger of whisper is he appears to increasingly close irresistible. Also figure that music after Scream is explode the ZEUS board will earn our chasing its deployment in the order of magnitude of the response, but most of the listening far from would be how actually the sound towards from there to the finale day become gradually thinner . After the tragedy, the Recorder 2 to be Yuku this musical transition that away from the field is fully captured very vividly, here come your expectations because it has become a name scene that just can see the perspective of performance expression Please!!

“Echoes” is also have been perfect recording from the song introduced by the buzz and Roger of the stadium, which was full of expectations before playing. While the previous year’s Hakone Aphrodite is a translation initial version of lyrics that have been unveiled as the lyrics of which are sung as a finished version is here, this is also Gilmore and write by the two voices of rich harmonies and back performance is clearly of the wit appeared in the high-quality sound, which is divided into listening, the former also remarkable, especially on the sound that focus on the entire playing Masu Yuki one after another deployment. Albatross of the scene also captures the appearance of sharp cries of the guitar is to penetrate and diffusion in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Katsuaki, come out quietly synthesizer is realistic sounds that excitement sonar sound overlap also like tremble is only rises from a distance I. The second half swell music at most by the sound type repeating the rise and fall, jumped out to figure that flying is perfect, it is a guarantee that exactly meet to hear of ecstasy can enjoy. “The sun Hymn” of Angkor has been recorded in the first-ever full-length full version, but even the goodness of its sound quality stands out here. Because, so concentrated as the sound of each instrument in this song is the mid-range you know is, you will hear in a mass of blurred sound that this is Mokomoko and is a mediocre record. But hear “there? Such a place in the or not put out this kind of sound” each sound enough to be a number also found that the firm is in this recording, even places that gradually become the up-tempo in the middle captures perfectly the musical elation you have. ZEUS board is where the rhythm disappears welcomed the apex but in the (※ near this recording 5 minutes and 22 seconds ~) is a translation that has reached the disk aid, about 7 of the present recording is from here earlier, to play the end and beyond a fully uncut recording until the-minute high (!!). In this first appearance performance scene has mystical free approach by the slide guitar and the organ is to show the unknown deployment, each other tapestries of the one and only of the mysterious sound has for the first time show the figure, in this song There is no difference again to be surprised to hidden faceted charm and possibilities. The finale after recording about one minute less than followed, buzz, etc. of the howling sound and stadium, around the stage, microphone, for even the air of fresh place immediately after the end of a show has been recorded to disk end in a dense sound is!!

Between pretty long time, the only performance of the day that could not be known only by the sound source is excitement all the surprise out and discussions can illuminate the play from a different angle by the new treasured source … This chase Floyd to informal sound source our unique would be joy. Tokyo of this work 72 years, and the 71-year-Hakone shock weekend is another release now, which is also is a huge topic that complete recording of the first-ever appearance, and this historic large excavation sound source before suddenly the crosses the head on, we is a point that the care and learn still much about Floyd went Japan tour. There also be merely a larger version of the encyclopedia also a fairly chunky science historiography, even a quick look at the entire contents of inclusion and sound quality, and even watching a microscopically small part structure boasts a superb quality this 2 One of the supernova title is just research material of the first class also said the scriptures full of unknown surprise. Please come this weekend to fill the blank of 45 years in the hands of the two major excavation sound source of this historic feat in fully. Because neither is the first-ever appearance, songs complete recording of sound overall picture was outstanding, a great weekend Floyd is perfectly filled the large fragments that had to leave to Japan in the early 70s and the best continue to strongly stimulates the craving for knowledge, of There is no difference in the summer of challenges. Of course is a shock appearance in the press boards and beautiful picture disc specification !!

★ New source the same taper as the Hakone new sound source, was recorded in the same equipment. Year 72 is the emergence of a New definitive edition of the Tokyo second day performances.

 mediafire - (478.56 MB)


Pink Floyd - Acute Danger - Cleveland (Sigma 9) 1971-11-06

Este show em Cleveland ocorreu uma semana após o lançamento do álbum 'Meddle', embora muitas pessoas, incluindo Gilmour e Mason, considerem-no o primeiro trabalho realmente diferenciado da banda, apenas duas músicas do novo LP compõem o set list, "Echoes" e "On Of These Days".

A banda vive um show inspirado, vibrante no desempenho de cada canção, todas recheadas de deliciosas improvisações, essa incrível habilidade do Pink Floyd à cada execução, torná-la única, com alma própria.

A fita começa com Roger Waters dizendo: "... nós estamos prontos. Isso é chamado de 'The Embryo'". A música fez parte do set list ao longo de quase dois anos, ouvimos aqui uma das últimas interpretações da canção, (a última foi em 20/11/71).

Antes de "Set The Controls...", Gilmour comenta, "Eles me pediram para falar à vocês que não fumem... Aparentemente, por razões que eu desconheço, algumas pessoas não estão se sentindo muito bem com isso..."

Assim como "The Embryo", "Fat Old Sun" e "Cymbaline" são ótimos exemplos da genialidade da banda na arte do improviso provocando aplausos de um público extasiado durante longas e hipnóticas jam sessions 

"Echoes" com 28 minutos, é um pouco mais longa do que a versão de estúdio, e como sempre é espetacular, dispensa  comentários... e por falar nisso, mestre. Wright mantem o hábito peculiar de ser brilhante oferecendo por mais de duas horas, longas explorações psicodélicas, naturalmente impecável durante todo o transcurso do show.

'Acute Danger' é a versão da Sigma deste show, provavelmente a versão definitiva. A qualidade do som é quase excelente, masterização suave, bem equilibrado entre instrumentos e partes vocais. De fato, esta é uma das melhores gravações da turnê com uma tremenda atmosfera ao vivo e um desempenho imperdível. Boa audição!

Pink Floyd
Acute Danger (Sigma 9)
Emerson Gym, Case Western Reserve University,
Cleveland, OH – November 6th, 1971

Disc 1:

The Embryo
Fat Old Sun
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2

One Of These Days
Careful With That Axe Eugene

mediafire.CD1 - (344,38 MB)
mediafire.CD2 - (417,99 MB)

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